For Your Fabulous Face

Okay Ladies! Fall is in the air and I hate to say it, but the holidays are around the corner, so let's look our best. Our face is usually the first thing people see along with whether we are smiling or not. It is important that we keep our faces looking healthy and vibrant. Even if we feel like crap on the inside, our face can tell another story. I know for myself, just cleansing and moisturizing my face can begin to make me feel good.

Autoimmune and Exhaustion #autoimmune #wellness #tired #exhaustion

Change in Routine = Exhaustion

We all know that when we live with an autoimmune disorder that one of the symptoms is exhaustion or fatigue. Over the years I have been able to combat it by having a set routine. My days and weekends are pretty much all the same. If something new gets thrown into the pot, then I become very tired.