April is National Fresh Celery Month

Recipes with Celery

Yesterday's post was all about the benefits of eating celery, so today I thought I would share some interesting recipes I found. Now I have always used celery in potato, macaroni, tuna and chicken salads, but there are other recipes that use this wonderful crunchy vegetable. 

April is National Fresh Celery Month

7 Amazing Facts About Celery

Did you know that April is National Fresh Celery Month? This was news to me! Let's see what the benefits of celery are. We are always looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to add to our diets, so let's see what's cooking with celery.

What is Grave's Disease? #gravesdisease #autoimmune

What is Grave’s Disease?

We have been hearing over the past few days that Mrs. Barbara Bush is receiving "comfort care" and it is being mentioned that she has been living with Grave's Disease for many years. Today, I thought I would write a post that gives us some more information about this disease and let us in on what the former first lady has been living with.