Nothing Sexier Than Toned Muscles!

CP Living Healthy

Man I love having muscles in my arms, shoulders, back and legs.  I totally enjoy lifting weights and working out. The more definition I have the happier I am.

So how do you get toned sexy muscles?


Start lifting weights. You need to do exercises that will work all of the muscles in your body. It is a great idea to set up your workouts to exercise a certain group of muscles every other day so that you can work one group while resting another.


  • Arms and Chest
  • Arms and Back
  • Legs and Butt
  • Legs and Abs
  • Arms and Abs

Do three sets of each exercise with 8 – 12 repetitions before moving on to the next exercise.


You will be amazed at how you will start to look and feel after a couple of weeks. This is a process and there is nothing that is going to happen…

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