Call Someone You Love, Don’t Text

This is a wonderful challenge because it is going to make you and the person you call feel great!

There are some real benefits to speaking with someone on the phone instead of texting or emailing them.


Benefits to calling instead of texting

  1. Less time consuming. The time you take trying to form a text, you could have already called the person and had a short conversation.
  2. There is clarity. Because you are talking, you can hear the tone in the voice. You will know exactly what the person means instead of guessing. How many times have you tried guessing the tone in a text and you were wrong? You won’t make any assumptions.
  3. Talking is friendlier. Texts can be task oriented so it as friendly as a phone call.
  4. You can be yourself. There’s no first drafts, no consulting friends for what you should say, no debating over which emoji perfectly resonates with the point you’re trying to make.
  5. Texting can give a false sense of interest. Sure, I could send you the most enthusiastic text you’ve ever seen, but I could also be completely full of it. And thanks to texting, you’ll never know. But why would I make the effort to call you and do the same? You’re right, I’m not going to. Cell phone math: Phone call = sincerity. Text = who knows.

  6. There is a definitive end to the conversation. If you’re talking on the phone, there is a hello, there is a conversation, and there is a goodbye.

  7. Phone calls require your full attention. When you’re in a phone conversation, you have to be in that phone conversation otherwise you’re going to seem like a total jerk if the person you’re talking to asks a question after you haven’t been listening for the past 5 minutes. Texting lets people off the hook to do as they please, answer when they want (if at all), and fake undivided attention.

  8. It’s honestly just nice to hear someone’s voice. Wouldn’t you prefer to hear your friend actually laughing rather than read “Hahahaha” and wonder if it’s really happening on the other end?

I  do think it is fun to follow up the phone call with a quick “I love you” text.

Personally, I am still using a flip phone so I am not a fan of texting unless it is a two or three word text or question. If I’m sent a text and it is going to require that I text a book to answer the question, I will call back with the answer.

Question: Do you have any rules when it comes to texting? Please leave your comments below.


8 Reasons Why We Need To Go Back To Calling Instead Of Texting

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