Day 7: Go 24 Hours without Complaining - - autoimmune disorders/diseases

Day 7: Go the Entire Day Without Complaining

24 Hours Without Complaining - - autoimmune disorders/diseases

Complaining is so easy to do. For some people I think they live to complain. Nothing is ever good enough. No one is ever nice enough. When you ask them how they are you get an organ recital because they tell you all of their ailments.

Complaint vs Complement - - autoimmune disorders/diseases

Don’t fall into the trap of telling everyone about your autoimmune problems. One or two of your close friends or maybe your spouse is interested, but nobody else is. You are more than your autoimmune disorder, so talk about the things that really interest you.


Better yet, talk about things that are interesting to other people. Don’t focus the conversation on you. Be present and be there for others.

Challenge: If you don’t make it 24 hours without complaining, stop and evaluate what it is that you are complaining about? Will you start over when you catch yourself complaining? Please leave your comment below.




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