Wellness Challenge Day 9 Create a Shopping List

Day 9: Make a Shopping List

Shopping for groceries without a list can cause a few problems:

  1. I will forget something that I think is important.
  2. I end up zig zagging around the store as I remember items.
  3. I end up going back to the store an extra time because I forgot an item.
  4. I buy something that I already have at home. I didn’t check my inventory first.
  5. Shopping without a list can be stressful.

Shopping lists:

Are A Time Saver

I like to get in and get out when it comes to grocery shopping. I organize my shopping list by aisle. I’m sure, like me, you know your grocery store all too well, so you know exactly where everything is, so it makes creating a shopping list much easier. I’m also not wasting time looking for things I don’t need.

Shopping lists are a money saver! Did you know that having a list can reduce you food expense by between 20 and 25 percent?

Are A Money Saver

Did you know that having a list can reduce you food expense by between 20 and 25 percent? Who knew? Whatever is on the list is the only thing I buy.

Have Health Benefits

Because I use a list my shopping is a habit. Since I have lost weight, I only buy the food we are going to eat. I do not keep ingredients for baking in the house and I don’t keep junk food around either. Fortunately I have buy in from my husband and he is really good about saying “no” to junk food.

Shopping Lists can make shopping fun!

Can Make Shopping Fun

With a list, there is no reason to be stressed figuring out what you may or may not have in ample supply at the home. You follow the list and relax, knowing your approach is organized and on the mark.

Inspires Input

I like it when my husband participates in what I put on the shopping list. Then I don’t have to guess at what I think he might be interested in eating. Also, when we go shopping together, I send him off to get the foods that he added to the list. We can get our shopping done much faster that way.


Send me my copy!

Question: Do you use a list or try to shop from memory? Please leave your comment below.

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