Day 10: Time to Get Rid of Those Socks

What is it about keeping holey socks? I keep putting my holey socks back in the drawer after I have washed them. I mean to throw them out, but I don’t. Why is that? Well, if you have holey socks in your drawer then your challenge is to get rid of them and get you some new comfy socks to replace them.


Now what can you do with old socks?

Use them as a dust rag. They are great for this job because they are soft and absorbent.

Make a hard-to-reach cleaning stick. Put a sock on the end of a stick that you use to clean hard to reach places like the blades on a ceiling fan.

Make a bottle cover. Bottles of cooking oil always seem to leave dirty marks in kitchen cupboards. Put a stop to this by slipping an old sock over the bottom of the bottle.

Make sock puppets. Glue, sew, or draw on eyes, nose, and mouth. Cut up another old sock into strips and sew on for hair.

Save old socks for moving day. Place valuable glasses, or knick knacks inside the sock sole and wrap the higher part around the bottom.

Make garden soap holders. Gardening can be messy and dirty. Pop a soap bar into the bottom of an old sock and tie a knot around the soap part of the sock. Leave the long part of the sock for tying onto a faucet in the garden. It will be ready for you whenever you need to clean up outside after a gardening session.

Washcloth for the car. A sock over the hand and you have an instant cleaning cloth that is soft enough for the car body.

Fingerless gloves. Having your hands covered by a pair of old socks keeps them warm.

These are great ideas for our old socks. I’m motivated to remove those holey socks from my drawer and get new ones.

I am conducting research on autoimmune disorders. I have a survey and if you fill it out, I will send you my “10 Day Wellness Journal” as my way of saying “Thank You” for participating.

Take the Survey


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