Tips for Raynaud’s

What else can I do to avoid a Raynaud’s attack or provide quick relief?

Quick relief for raynauds

  • Dress warmly, and in layers.
  • Wear a hat when outdoors in cold weather. Try to stay indoors during cold weather.
  • In cold weather or when exposed to air conditioning or cold temperatures (in the refrigerated section of a supermarket, for example), wear gloves. Mittens are even better protection. Use these even when handling frozen or refrigerated foods.
  • Carry hand and foot warmers. One form of warmers, Charcoal packs, heat up when they’re exposed to air. Others have a metal disk that must be bent to activate the heat, caused by a resulting chemical reaction.
  • Use insulated drinking glasses or mugs. Place a napkin or insulating material around them to protect your fingers from becoming cold.
  • Place hands under warm (not hot) water to warm them up quickly.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking narrows blood vessels even more, and makes Raynaud’s worse.
  • Swing arms around in a windmill fashion to get the circulation going quickly.


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