Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Premium Quality Essential Oil

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade, 4 fl. Oz

Because if its gentle, mesmerizing aroma, Bulgarian lavender oil is one of the most famous fragrances used for aromatherapy, cosmetics and perfumery. Multiple therapeutic properties in lavender make it one of the most versatile aromatic plants known to mankind. This beautiful Bulgarian lavender has a rich, full bodied, deep, and sweet aroma. Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil is concentrated and other than in aromatherapy use, dilution with the carrier oil such as Jojoba, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed or almond oil is also recommended. In addition, it needs to be diluted before using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, etc. Keep out of reach of children. The lavender plants used for Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any other harmful additives. Bulgaria is one of the biggest producers of lavender essential oil in the world. The unique climate and soil conditions ensure that lavender grown there is of the finest quality. The air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May, June and July contribute to the cultivation of lavender that yields a very high percentage of premium and pure lavender essential oil.

For topical use only, need to be diluted with a carrier oil before use.

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