3 Natural Solutions to Reduce Stress for Crohn's Disease - brendamueller.com - autoimmune disorders/diseases

Stress Relief for Crohn’s Disease

Like other  autoimmune disorders Crohn’s Disease is one that stress plays a part in the flares and inflammation. Stress can be reduced with natural solutions. If we can keep our flares at bay by eating right, exercising, reducing stress and using essential oils, I think we should do it.

3 Natural ways to Reduce Stress for Crohn's Disease - brendamueller.comStress Reduction

Stress plays a part in our daily lives. Living with stress causes problems in everyone’s overall health, but for those of us who have autoimmune disorders we need to find ways that will reduce our stress so we can extinguish our flares.

3 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress for Crohn's Disease - brendamueller.com3 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

  • Exercise regularly — Regular exercise helps expel built-up tension, stress hormones and clears the mind. Exercise helps to release endorphins, the brain’s natural feel-good chemicals. My go to exercise is walking and light resistance training.
  • Take a deep breath  Try deep breathing for a few minutes every day to reduce chronic muscle tension and spasming that can contribute to cramping. Managing stress in similar ways with a combination of deep breathing or mind-body exercises can help manage Crohn’s disease symptoms.
  • Schedule relaxation — Write it down on your calendar, and stick to it. Make time at least once a week or once a day to do something that refreshes you. Maybe that is talking a walk in the park. Watching a movie or reading a book may refresh you. You may have a favorite sport or outdoor activity that you love. How about a bubble bath? Whatever it is, take the time. Let your family know that you are taking some “me” time.


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