Self-Care Saturday

Well we had a few contributions to our “Self-Care Saturday” theme song. I have added them to this week’s post.


I hope you are all having a glorious Saturday! It is going to be 71 degrees here today. I think we are done with winter and are getting a jump on the spring weather. It is so warm out I’m putting the clothes on the line outside so they smell like fresh spring air.


I am taking advantage of the time to make cookies for my husband’s golf game with his friends today. I penned a new song this morning and I’m going to lay down the tracks for it later.


I’m getting caught up on TV shows that I haven’t had time to watch during the week.

young-woman-2239269_1920 (1).jpg

What do you have planned for your Self-Care Saturday?


One thought on “Self-Care Saturday

  1. Dianne White says:

    Fun song, Brenda! I’m getting caught up on self care rest for the first day after moving cross country for a fresh start. A much needed PJ day resting and visiting with my fantastic mom!

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