My Life with Multiple Sclerosis #ms #mutliplesclerosis

My Life with Multiple Sclerosis

I love to read books or to listen to audio books that are about people who are living with the same autoimmune disorders I have. I don’t have MS. I have four other autoimmune disorders. However, I am interested in these books from the people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis.

In This Together by Ann Romney #ms #mutliplesclerosis

In This Together: My Story

When Mitt and Ann Romney met in their late teens, a great American love story began. And their life together would be blessed: five healthy sons, financial security, and a home filled with joy. Despite the typical ups and downs, they had a storybook life.

Then, in 1998, Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She couldn’t believe it was real; there were no therapies or treatments to help her. Mitt told her that day that they would tackle the diagnosis as a team: They were in it together. “As long as it isn’t fatal, we’re fine. If you have to be in a wheelchair, I’ll be right there to push it,” he told her. And Ann thought, “But I’ll be the one in the wheelchair.” A caregiver and helper her whole life, she’d crossed a terrible invisible line. She wouldn’t be able to care for her family anymore. She was the patient. Ann and Mitt would face the most frightening and humbling experience of their lives.

No More Secs! Living, Laughing and Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis

No More Secs!: Living, Laughing, & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis

When 44-year-old Ann Pietrangelo is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, all previous assumptions about health, work, and her budding romance are up for grabs. How do you plan for life’s second half with a body you’ve never met before? One precarious step at a time. From the impersonal diagnosis by email to a wedding presided over by a funeral director, this is no tragic tale of woe. Like relapsing/remitting MS itself, the book alternates between the serious (“When I turn toward him, there’s a big hole where his right cheek should be.”) and the silly (“The bocce balls don’t get out much.”). This poignant and often humorous story of acceptance and change trumpets a basic truth – that good health and life are fleeting, but love and humor can trump all. That every second matters soon becomes a point driven home by yet another life-altering diagnosis.


When the Music Stopped - My Battle and Victory Against MS #ms #mutliplesclerosis #autoimmunediseases

When the Music Stopped: My Battle and Victory against MS

Bob’s book details his battles against Multiple Sclerosis from his first symptoms to the point of his near complete debilitation. This is the guide Bob wished he had when he was diagnosed. It describes his hopelessness along with many experiences in his life that were used to successfully fight the disease. Here is his story along with a guide to the mindset, diet and exercise regimen he used to emerge victorious.

My MS Adventures - Multiple Sclerosis it's not just a disease, it's an adventure!

My Msadventures: Multiple Sclerosis: It’s Not Just a Disease, It’s an Adventure!

My Msadventures: Multiple Sclerosis: It’s Not Just a Disease-It’s an Adventure portrays the journey of a persistent and optimistic woman who has endured decades of complicated navigation through the sometimes turbulent currents of life with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Writing in a tone that captures the identical lighthearted and hopeful approach that has kept her afloat for decades, Becky Kennedy shares how she lives with a condition that could easily capsize her life.


Falling Down Laughing David L. Lander #ms #multiplesclerosis

Fall Down Laughing: How Squiggy Caught Multiple Sclerosis and Didn’t Tell Nobody

The actor who played “Squiggy” on television’s Laverne and Shirley offers fans an inspirational, touching memoir of his long fight with multiple sclerosis with humor and pathos.

5 Memoirs About Living with Multiple Sclerosis #ms #multiplesclerosis #autoimmunediseases



2 thoughts on “My Life with Multiple Sclerosis

  1. hopeforovercomers says:

    Thank you for always being a beacon of positive light and understanding. Here is another case of you personally don’t have MS, but all month you’ve been making your reader’s wiser and more compassionate. I know the Father loves you so! Thank you, Brenda Mueller!

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