Week in Review: Multiple Sclerosis

This Week in Review: Multiple Sclerosis

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, so I’m going to focus my blog posts for this month on MS.

If you want to get caught up, here is what you missed during week two of March.


As I have said in earlier posts, I don’t have MS, but I am living with four other autoimmune disorders. It seems that many autoimmune disorders have symptoms that overlap and can cause us all to ask the same questions about living with a disorder. I’m in my fifties and I never had children. Still, I am interested in this subject.

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Stress can cause flares or exacerbations for people with MS and other autoimmune disorders. Worrying about everything doesn’t do anyone any good. Think about the last time you worried over something that was happening in your life. When you look back did you accomplish anything during the time you worried and were anxious? Probably not.

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I have learned that sugar is a big contributor to how I feel everyday. An autoimmune disorder can cause me to feel fatigued and sometimes worn out. Sugar can add to my feeling of fatigue. I have learned that I need to cut out anything that is going to contribute to that feeling. My diet is the best place to start.

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Heat can make the symptoms that a person with MS worse. One of the symptoms heat can make worse is fatigue. Sensitivity to heat is caused because the nerve fibers have lost their insulating material.

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Here are five of my tips to reduce your stress and keep you energy up when you are entertaining.

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