Self-Care Saturday – March 24th

12 Activities for Self-Care Saturday

I really like Dr. Aaron Boster’s list of 20 Tips to Tackle Depression in MS. I decided to take twelve of the twenty items and create a list of things that we can all try for our Self-Care Saturdays.

  1. Clean up your diet. Cut the sugar! – If you are struggling with your weight or you are just needing to do something new with your eating, how about taking some time to investigate a new eating program? There are so many to choose from.
  2. Improve your sleep. Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you ever considered a sleep mask or a noise machine to help you fall asleep? I have to have noise to fall asleep. My favorite thing is the sound of rain. Have you ever heard of Rainy Mood? Check this out!
  3. Exercise. Do you feel like exercising today? I feel lazy if I don’t get at least thirty minutes of exercise. I know that I feel so much better after going for a walk. If you are going to exercise, what will your exercise of choice be? Here is one of my favorite indoor walks.
  4. Don’t spend all your time alone. Read a book at a coffee shop or at a park.
  5. Create a routine. Create structure for your day. Make a “To-Do” list before you go to bed for the next day. Start marking things off as you accomplish them. This will give you a great feeling and you will have structure.
  6. Set goals.
    1. Try the SMART technique for setting your goals.

      Specific: goals can not be vague
      Measurable: otherwise how will you know when you succeed?
      Attainable: realistic
      Relevant: to the problem you identified
      Time-based: so that it doesn’t get “put off” forever

      For example, a goal of exercising everyday would not be a SMART goal. Using the SMART technique you might arrive at these goals instead:

      S: Swimming (specific type of activity).
      M: 30 minutes, 2 x/week (measurable).This is a goal you can work toward, because 10 minutes is all you can do right now.
      A: You’ve planned on pool access and transportation (realistic). If not, you may need to decrease time, frequency, or even change specific activity.
      R: You’ve identified your basic problem as decreased activity (swimming is relevant).
      T: You look to accomplishing your measurement goal within 2 months (time). Read more…

  7. Keep a journal. This can be very rewarding. I have a journal you can start with. Click here, to get it and print it off. You may want to pick up a really nice ink pen to go along with your journaling. There is something nice about a new pen and it is a great gift for yourself.
  8. Start a garden. Keep it small like a box or window garden.
  9. Get a pet. Visit your local SPCA to find a new friend. They will help you create structure for your day and encourage exercise.
  10. Talk therapy. Sit down with an objective trained listener. Pastor, Rabbi, counselor, etc. Like the person that you are doing your talk therapy with.
  11. Reach out to your family and friends. When you make contact with your family and friends it isn’t necessary to start unloading on them. Get in touch with them to go out and do something. Invite them over for coffee. Just be with the people you love.
  12. Try to do something fun. What do you consider to be fun? One thing that I think is fun and I do it with my husband, is to go look at model homes. We have new neighborhoods that are being built and I love going to look at the new houses to see what the new colors are for the walls and trim. I love to see how they are staged and to get ideas for my own home.

There are so many things we can do to thrive as we live with autoimmune disorders. Don’t just survive! Choose one thing to do from the list and see how things go.

12 Activities for Self-Care Saturday #self-care #autoimmunewellness #autoimmune

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