April is Lawn and Garden Month!

April is Lawn and Garden Month!

As we are coming to the end of April, let’s not forget that April is Lawn and Garden Month! This is just the beginning of the season to get out there and start planting and maintaining our lawn. There are so many health benefits to gardening, I thought I would share my seven favorite reasons to get out the gardening tools and start digging in.

Getting out in the yard, even if it is small, and planting flowers or vegetables is very healthy!

Gardening is a great way to reduce stress. There are more healthy benefits to gardening and reducing stress is my number one benefit.

Benefits of Gardening Video

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Number two has got to be growing my favorite vegetables and then getting to eat them!

Did you know that gardening will help build the strength in your hands? This is a wonderful way to build strength and muscle. Getting out side and using those cool garden tools will help your hands be more nimble and will help increase your dexterity.

Soak in the vitamin D! Getting outside is going to give you your dose of vitamin D for the day. We all need it and what better way to get it?

5 Benefits of Vitamin D

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Gardening can help with depression. Getting outside and completing a task like planting or weeding is a great way to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. A little bit of gardening will go a long way!

Community gardening can help chase away loneliness. People getting together to plant flowers and vegetables can build friendships and cause us to engage with other people with the same interests.

7 Healthy Benefits of Gardening #gardening #healthy #autoimmune #brendamueller.com

Action Step: What are your favorite things about gardening?

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