5 Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

May is Better Sleep Month

Well who can’t use a good night’s sleep? Many of us living with autoimmune disorders share the common symptom of fatigue. We need our rest, and getting better sleep will be very beneficial. I am pretty lucky that I usually get a great night’s sleep. When I lay down, that’s it. I’m out in about 5 minutes. I’m an early riser. I get up at 3 am. Even on the weekends I get up that early.

5 Ways to a Good Night's Sleep #goodsleep #sleep

5 Ways to a Good Night’s Sleep

First let’s look at how we can get better sleep and then how that will benefit our health.

Make your bed

If you walk into your room and your bed is a mess because you didn’t make it, it isn’t going to be very inviting. The only time you won’t mind a bed that is in disarray is if you are so tired, you just don’t care.

Making your bed when you get up is going to set the tone for your day. Make the bed and you have your first task for the day accomplished.

Make the Bed

Fill the air with lavender

Studies show that lavender can reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, lavender will help you relax so you can get a good night’s sleep.

For an extra boost of lavender, use a linen spray for your sheets.

Darken the bedroom

Having a dark bedroom will cause you to fall asleep faster. Light can disrupt your sleep. Use black-out curtains, shades or a sleep mask to get the darkness you desire.

Chamomile tea for a good night's sleepHow about a nightcap?

Instead of drinking alcohol or caffeine try chamomile tea. Chamomile is know to reduce stress and aid in sleepless nights.

Ditch the TV

Instead of falling asleep to the shows on television, turn on some soothing music or soothing sounds.

5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

So after preparing your bedroom for a good night’s sleep, let’s see what you can expect in the morning.

Less pain

If you have had a recent injury like a sprained wrist or you’ve been run over by your horse drawn carriage, getting enough sleep may help you hurt less.

Things seem clearer

Have you ever had a problem during the day that you struggled with? You end up going to bed still thinking about the problem and have no answer. Then you wake up in the morning and the answer you were looking for comes into focus. And everything seems so simple.

I love that when that happens to me!

Not getting a good night’s sleep can impair your comprehension, your thinking, and your decision-making.

Better sex

Get enough sleep and you won’t have the excuse that you are too tired to have sex.

Improve your mood

Getting a good night’s sleep won’t guarantee you’ll wake up in a good mood, but if you are exhausted you will probably be cranky.

Being in a cranky mood can keep you and those around you on edge. So do us all a favor and get some sleep!

Maintain weight

Getting good sleep can help you maintain a good weight or help you shed a few pounds. If you’re exhausted, the last thing you may want to do is go for a jog or prepare a healthy dinner after work.

Have you ever noticed that if you are tired, you are hungrier? Being well rested will help curb cravings for high-fat, high-calorie foods.


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