June is Migraine Headache Awareness Month

June is Migraine Headache Awareness Month

Migraine Headache Awareness

This month is a dedicated time for migraine doctors and other health care providers, patient advocates and the migraine community to unite our voices to advocate for migraine recognition and treatment.

I have been living with migraines for over forty years. They last from one day to three weeks. I have never been bedridden from a migraine. I just have learned to live with them and keep on moving.

June is Migraine Headache Awareness Month #migraine #headache #autoimmunedisorders

What is a Migraine Headache?

A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on just one side of the head.

A migraine is often accompanied by:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Four Stages of a Migraine

  1. Prodrome – One or two days before a migraine, you may notice subtle changes that warn of an upcoming migraine.
  2. Aura – Aura may occur before or during migraines. Auras are symptoms of the nervous system. They are usually visual disturbances, such as flashes of light or wavy, zigzag vision. Most people experience migraines without aura.
  3. Headache or attack – A migraine usually lasts from four to 72 hours if untreated. The frequency with which headaches occur varies from person to person. Migraines may be rare, or strike several times a month.
  4. Post-drome – The final phase, known as post-drome, occurs after a migraine attack. You may feel drained and washed out, while some people feel elated.

For me, the “post-drome” stage leaves me feeling both drained and elated. I’m tired from the pain and I’m so glad when it ends.

I usually have a headache everyday. I don’t know a time when I have had a day without a headache. Now I have vertigo and I’ve had that for the past 10 years.

In the article I noted at the bottom by Mayo Clinic it said that a person may experience constipation as a warning sign that a migraine may be coming. I have never heard of that so I thought I would do a deeper dive into this subject.

healthline.com has an article about headaches and constipation. I noted that at the bottom too. This article talks about the correlation of constipation and headaches and how one can lead to the other. I have never put these two together in all of my years of living with migraines.

This is the conclusion of the article:

Can constipation cause a headache? Indirectly, yes. In some cases, the stress of being constipated may trigger a headache. Straining to have a bowel movement may also trigger head pain. If you’re constipated and aren’t eating right, low blood sugar may lead to headaches.

In other cases, when headaches and constipation occur at the same time, they may be symptoms of another condition. If you regularly have headaches and constipation, consult your doctor, especially if they are accompanied by:

  • other digestive problems

  • fatigue

  • pain

  • anxiety

  • depression


One thought on “June is Migraine Headache Awareness Month

  1. u2hearts says:

    I hate them but suffer too. I have MS and they are linked somehow. I get crazy Auras too. The pain varies from mild to severe. I can get them for days in a row.

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