Say Goodbye June and Hello July

What’s in Store for July

A Look Back at June 2018

Can you believe it? June is almost over and the 4th of July is almost here!

This has been a fun month of posts. We had some fun talking about peanut butter cookies, corn on the cob, donuts, and delicious herbs and spices and ice tea.

We also had the serious posts about hernias, autoimmune angioedema, maysthenia gravis, and scleroderma.

We even talked about using gardening as part of our exercise program! And, who could forget to hug their cat?

What's Ahead for July 2018 #july #autoimmune

Now let’s look ahead and see what is in store for July!

Hot and cold favorite foods of course is a hot topic for the month of July.

In the world of autoimmune, July is the awareness month for juvenile arthritis, and autoimmune hepatitis. I will also be posting about some other autoimmune disorders that are new to most of us and may not have an awareness month.

It’s a hot month and we are going to have some hot and cool topics!



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