Wellness Journal 2019 is Here!

New Year’s Day is just around the corner and it offers you a new beginning and the chance to open yourself up for great things to come.

You can start preparing yourself to create a desired future worthy of your time and energy, but it is going to take some time.

I feel like God puts things in our lives to help prepare us for the future. Louie Gohmert

If we want a successful outcome of 2019, take the extra time to truly prepare yourself to create a desired future worthy of your time and energy?

Wellness Journal 2019

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Here are three actions that you need for a promising new beginning.

Look Back

If you have been journaling, this is the time to read through the last 365 days and reflect on your accomplishments, health, failures, relationship, etc.

If you are not someone who journals, you may find it easier to sit in a quiet space and jot down what significant events took place in your life over the past year.

I journal, but I’m not consistent. (I think there is a New Year’s resolution.) I do like being able to reflect and remind myself of the good and the not so good things that happened to me during the year. Each year I always have the same resolution to lose weight. Well, at the age of 53, I’m telling you, there is more to life than that! I am done with that resolution. My new resolution is to do the best I can with my health, diet, relationships, goals, etc. If I strive to do my best at everything I set out to do, then at the end of 2019 I’m not going to be defined by a number on the scale.

Think about this. We can do our best or what we think is our best and we can have many accomplishments during the year, but when it gets to the end of the year our focus goes to the number on the scale.

I also believe that with our autoimmune disorders we put our focus on our flares and symptoms that cause a lot of havoc in our lives. That focus can cause us to be blind to all of the good things that happened to us during the year.

I want you to consider the past 365 days and ask yourself the following questions:

Journal On Your Health:

  • What did I do that was the best contribution to my health?
  • What new insights did I receive by paying attention to my diet, medications, exercise?
  • What new flares did I experience?
  • What flares did I not experience?

Journal On Your Relationships:

  • Who were the people worthy of my time and effort?
  • With whom did I spend time where I received no value?

Journal On your Overall Performance:

  • What did I do that stood in the way of reaching my goals?
  • What would I do differently given the same set of circumstances?
  • In what ways did I not measure up to my potential?
  • What will I most fondly remember about 2018?
  • What is the best moment of this year that I am proud of?

Recognize Your Shortcomings

No one is perfect and we are all flawed. We try to do our best to be pleasant, helpful, and positive, but we can end up being selfish, discontent and negative. Before the New Year take the time to recognize your shortcomings and accept the responsibility for your actions that left you unsatisfied and caused you to be unkind to those around you.

Ask yourself the following questions and take appropriate action.

  • What are the areas I need to improve?
  • Who have I hurt and how can I improve the situation?
  • Who and what are truly important and worthy of my committed attention in 2019?


Now that you have done steps one and two, it is time to clear your mind and heart of the things that got in your way in 2018 and focus on what road ahead. Let this be the year you begin the journey to be the person you truly want to be.

I am looking forward to 2019. I really want to be the woman God wants me to be. I want to go into this New Year with you, with hope and wonder.

Here are your final questions to get you started on your journey:

  • Who will be my inspiration this year?
  • What new adventures are ahead of me?
  • What new lessons do I want to learn?
  • What will be my contribution to the world around me?

One of the best ways to find out about you and your purpose is through the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren. If you have this book in your personal library and it has been a while since you have read it, my challenge to you is to dig it out and reread it. If you have never read this book, pick it up at your local library or you can purchase it here. This is one of the best books I have ever read and it is extremely helpful when it comes to you trying to figure out what your purpose is.

Wellness Journal 2019

I’m so excited about this year’s journal. I am doing something different for you. I am going to be giving each month a different theme and then creating a new journaling page for each week of the month. That will be sent to you via email when you subscribe. The month of January is already available in this download. The theme for January is “New Beginnings”.

Click here for your copy!

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