Beauty on a Budget

When I started writing this blog my goal was to write about my life living with autoimmune disorders. I really don’t think I did much of that. I found writing about the different autoimmune disorders very interesting and I think it has been great that I learned so much.

I want this year to be different.

I really do want to focus more on living with autoimmune disorders. I’m now 53, and I can see changes that are happening to me and my overall health. I am not going to let those changes rule my life, instead I’ve decided to start doing more for myself than I have in the past to keep the four autoimmune disorders I have at bay and increase the balance that I need in my life.

Beauty on a Budget

One of my themes this year is “beauty on a budget”. I have always tried to look my best. I have been wearing make-up since I was eleven and I love having nice hair. However, over the last few years I lived in yoga pants and t-shirts. This year I have decided to keep the yoga pants and t-shirts for work and working out. I have nice clothes that I have boxed up and a lot of them I have never worn. This year they are moving out of the boxes and the t-shirts are going in.

My makeup and hair are getting a new look. My goal is to always wear makeup if I am not working and to fix my hair in a nice style. (My husband has really liked this part!)

I’m also keeping my nails polished. That has been something I have liked doing in the past, but not enough to be consistent in keeping my nails polished. This year I am really enjoying it. I love the different colors!

I want to try different beauty products for ladies in my age bracket and see how they do for our skin types and if they have an affect because I have autoimmune disorders. I’m looking for skin and eye irritations for the most part.


I want to try and create new healthy recipes for 2019 and post them on this blog. I’m excited about this.

Exercise More!

My morning routine for 2019: Tightening up the neck and chin.



Don’t forget to get your “Wellness Journal” for 2019!


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