But You don't look sick #autoimmune

Beauty on a Budget: Part Two

But, You Don’t Look Sick

When I tell people that I have autoimmune disorders, this is a common response. I’m sure if you are living with autoimmune you have heard it too. What in the world should we look like? Should we walk around looking like someone killed our dog? Should we look like we are on death’s door? Maybe we should look like we have given up.

I say, first of all, look at the person who is making this comment. Do they look like they are all put together. Do they look like the picture of perfect health. Probably not.

When you hear that comment, come right out and ask, “What should I look like?” Hopefully that will catch them off guard and make them think about what they have said. Whatever their answer is, your response should be, I don’t believe in letting my autoimmune disorder get the best of me. It is common knowledge that if you make yourself look better, you feel better.

Of course there are days that you will stay in bed and take care of yourself and no one wants you too like you are ready for a pageant, but when you are having a “regular” day, do your best to look your best.

I have always been neat in my appearance, but for the last year or two I can be found wearing the old yoga pants and t-shirts. I put a stop to that this year. It’s a new year and I want a new me. I’m only using the yoga pants for working out and work.

5 Ways to May Yourself Look and Feel Better #autoimmune

5 Ways to Make Yourself Look and Feel Better

  1. Update your hairdo. Is it time for a change? I use to color my hair, but because of the Lichen’s I thought it better to not do anything to make it worse. I really like my gray hair. I am wearing my hair longer to cover the Lichen’s Sclerosis on the back of my neck. My hair has become much thinner, so I’m putting new products in my hair and giving it a good tease!
  2. Use a creamy hand lotion and paint your nails. I haven’t wore nail polish in a very long time. This is something I decided to change this year. I have been wearing a new color almost every other day. I don’t have my nails done, I do them myself. A nice thick non-greasy hand lotion will do wonders for you hands.
  3. Wear clothes that accentuate your positives. It can be comfortable to wear loose fitting clothing, but sometimes it feels great to wear a pair of tight fitting jeans. Do you have great legs? Show them off with a nice skirt.
  4. Take care of your skin. This is so important. Finding the cleansers, moisturizers and colors that are the best for your skin type will go a long way in making you feel good and look good.
  5. Exercise and get enough rest. Exercise is so important whether your are super healthy or living with autoimmune disorders. Exercise can help alleviate pain, inflammation and increase energy. Exercise will also help with getting a good night’s sleep.

Here are the products that I used in my video.

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