About Me

I’m fit, active and healthy and living with autoimmune.

I know how hard it can be to lose weight. I know the frustration of not knowing what is happening to my body, going to the doctor and becoming a human pin cushion. Getting a diagnosis that there is no cure for. Then hearing those words again, two, three and four times. You have another autoimmune disorder and there is no cure.

I decided a long time ago, I may have autoimmune disorders, but they do not have me!

I have been on a life long journey with my weight. Forty years later I have become physically fit and I love it!

I want everyone out there who is living with autoimmune and trying to lose weight, get healthy and be active, you can do it.

The time is now to get in shape and make the decision that you have an autoimmune disorder, but it doesn’t have you! You will not give into it, and you are going to live the life you want to live.

Me at 280 pounds.

This is me at my heaviest weight. I’m at 280 pounds here. I never thought about not being healthy all I thought about was food. I’m the one on the right.

Me at 140 pounds!

Here I am at 140 pounds.  I look and feel my absolute best.

Life Started Taking a Turn…

What is Sjogren’s Syndrome

Thirst gradually started to become more and more prevalent when I started showing signs of Sjogren’s Syndrome.

I was watching Oprah one day. She had her trainer and chef, Bob Greene, on and they were discussing being thirsty. Bob said, “If you are constantly thirsty, then you are dehydrated.” I thought about that. “How could I be dehydrated? I am drinking so much water it’s crazy.”

Thirst is also a classic symptom of diabetes. Now, at this time I was overweight, but my doctors had never raised the issue of diabetes.

One day I watched a sad movie, and when I cried, there were no tears. That is weird. My eyes got all messed up. I had a mucus substance instead of tears and my nose didn’t run either. What’s going on?

My eyes were scratchy, dry and red. Fortunately, I found artificial tears right away. Those gave me some relief.

Read more about my diagnosis of Sjogren’s here.


My second diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder came 18 years ago. Lupus.

So what the heck is that? I knew it was autoimmune and I knew it was causing the sores on my skin and I knew it was piggy-backing on my Sjogren’s.

Read more about my Lupus diagnosis here.


My third diagnosis was Raynauds. This is an odd one. It started with my fingers and toes, in the past few months it seems to be affecting my nose. My symptoms are textbook.

My fingers will turn white while I’m handling frozen food. I don’t use ice in my water anymore because it causes a spasm. In the mornings when it is in the mid 30’s outside, my finger tips will turn red and they feel like they are going to explode. As soon as my fingers hit that point, the spasm ends and they return to normal.

Read more about my Raynauds diagnosis here.

What is Lichen’s Sclerosis?

One day, about eight years ago, I had to go to urgent care. The doctor saw the scars on my legs that had developed. He asked if I knew what it was and I told him no. I said that I guess it had to do with autoimmune, but I didn’t have a diagnosis. The doctor didn’t know what it was, but he told me to get to the doctor and get a diagnosis. He thought it looked awful and that he thought it would spread.

When I got home I called my doctor. He sent me to a dermatologist. There, I was diagnosed with Lichens. He said that my skin would become thin like cigarette paper. He prescribed an ointment and told me to come back in 30 days.

Read more about my Lichens diagnosis here.

If you are ready to make a change then join me. Follow my blog. Comment on my posts that inspire you. Please comment on the posts that you can identify with. I hope that my tips and encouragement will help you in your journey.