But You don't look sick #autoimmune

Beauty on a Budget: Part Two

When I tell people that I have autoimmune disorders, this is a common response. I'm sure if you are living with autoimmune you have heard it too. What in the world should we look like? Should we walk around looking like someone killed our dog? Should we look like we are on death's door? Maybe we should look like we have given up. I say, first of all, look at the person who is making this comment. Do they look like they are all put together. Do they look like the picture of perfect health. Probably not. When you hear that comment, come right out and ask, "What should I look like?" Hopefully that will catch them off guard and make them think about what they have said. Whatever their answer is, your response should be, I don't believe in letting my autoimmune disorder get the best of me. It is common knowledge that if you make yourself look better, you feel better.


Beauty on a Budget

When I started writing this blog my goal was to write about my life living with autoimmune disorders. I really don't think I did much of that. I found writing about the different autoimmune disorders very interesting and I think it has been great that I learned so much. I want this year to be … Continue reading Beauty on a Budget