5 Benefits of Exercise #exercise #autoimmune

5 Benefits of Exercise – Updated

Thought for the day... I will take body aches, soreness and stiffness any day from exercise and hard work than from my autoimmune disorders; at least I know why I'm aching. This fall is going to be a new beginning for me. We are moving and I'm really looking forward to it. Currently I'm working … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Exercise – Updated

5 Benefits of Exercise #exercise #autoimmune

5 Benefits of Exercise

I really enjoy exercising. Yes, it's true! My job in the morning is working a ranch and taking care of 40+ horses. I lift over 1,500 pounds and I walk 3 to 5 miles everyday. Do I like adding exercise to my routine everyday? Most of the time. The easiest exercise for me to do … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Exercise