Autoimmune Disorders and Urticaria #urticaria #hives #chronichives

Autoimmune Disorders and Urticaria

Autoimmunity is thought to be one of the most frequent causes of chronic urticaria. In about half of patients with chronic idiopathic hives, the explanation is that body's immune system is, in a sense, overactive. The urticaria is "autoimmune". The immune system is attacking the normal tissues of the body and causing hives as a result.

What is Grave's Disease? #gravesdisease #autoimmune

What is Grave’s Disease?

We have been hearing over the past few days that Mrs. Barbara Bush is receiving "comfort care" and it is being mentioned that she has been living with Grave's Disease for many years. Today, I thought I would write a post that gives us some more information about this disease and let us in on what the former first lady has been living with.