Are You a Moisture Seeker?

Are You a Moisture Seeker? I Am!

I got inspired today to write a post for the new year. Dryness is always at the forefront of my health every minute of everyday, so I'm going to start there. If you have Sjogren's Syndrome then you are a moisture seeker. Having dry eyes and a dry mouth isn't the end of the world, … Continue reading Are You a Moisture Seeker? I Am!

Scleroderma and Donut Day!

Scleroderma Awareness and Donut Day!

This is the transcript from today's podcast, above. Welcome to your autoimmune wellness coach podcast. I am your host Brenda Mueller and I am going to be talking about living a successful and healthy life while having autoimmune disorders.  I will be sharing information on the many different autoimmune disorders, my thoughts on weight loss, exercise, … Continue reading Scleroderma Awareness and Donut Day!