Self-Care Saturday – March 24th

12 Activities for Self-Care Saturday I really like Dr. Aaron Boster's list of 20 Tips to Tackle Depression in MS. I decided to take twelve of the twenty items and create a list of things that we can all try for our Self-Care Saturdays. Clean up your diet. Cut the sugar! - If you are … Continue reading Self-Care Saturday – March 24th

Self-Care Saturday

Well we had a few contributions to our "Self-Care Saturday" theme song. I have added them to this week's post.   I hope you are all having a glorious Saturday! It is going to be 71 degrees here today. I think we are done with winter and are getting a jump on the spring weather. … Continue reading Self-Care Saturday

Self-Care Saturday: Theme Song

I wrote a theme song for "Self Care Saturday" and I want to add more verses, and I want you to participate. You don't have to worry about anything rhyming or making it fit. In one sentence tell me something that went wrong and how it has you looking forward to your Self Care Saturday. I will collect these during the week and have a new version next Saturday.